Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you the same as Murwillumbah Cycles?

    Northern Rivers Cycles is the evolution of our previous business, Murwillumbah Cycles, and to accommodate our growth, we are now located on the Rail Trail in Mooball. Just 21km south of our previous platform location at South Murwillumbah we still offer sales, hire, mechanical and e-service, shuttle, a brand-new café and the same expert advice and customer experience that you have come to expect from us!

  • How long will it take to ride the Rail Trail?

    The Northern Rivers Rail Trail is 24km long. If you ride 24km per hour, it will take you 1 hour. If you ride 12km per hour, it will take you 2 hours. You should be able to ride it in 4 hours with a couple of cafe stops in between. If you would like to have lunch or brunch, then we would suggest hiring a bike for the entire day as the magic of the Northern Rivers Rail Trail is breathtaking and the time flies when you are having fun.

  • Can I fit a child seat to your e-bikes?

    We can fit a rear child seat on a Como step-through (E-bike Cruiser) and a 'shotgun' front seat onto a Tero (E-bike Mountain Bike).

  • What size bike will I need?


    120-147cm  | 3.9-4.8 feet  | 24"
    147-158cm  | 4.8-5.2 feet  | Small
    158-175cm  | 5.2-5.8 feet  | Medium
    175-190cm  | 5.8-6.3  feet  | Large
    185-198cm  | 6.3-6.5 feet  | Extra Large
  • Can I take the bikes outside of your 8am and 1pm allotted times?

    We are looking to provide a "Flexiplan" option in the near term. Otherwise we do keep the time slots set as the bikes need to be checked in and/or charged and cleaned, ready to go out again. However, you can delay your pickup if you wish and depending on how busy we are on the day, we will do our best to extend your time but unable to guarantee if we are fully booked. Customer service is our priority though so if it's humanly possible, we'll accommodate!

  • What time do you open?

    Our standard opening hours for Sales | Service | Repair | Hire & Shuttles are: MONDAY & TUESDAY CLOSED 🌸 Wednesday to Sunday | 8:00 am – 5:00 pm | NORTHERN RIVERS CYCLES & BIKE HIRE | 1300 876 311

    Please check with us during school and public holidays

  • We had our bike(s) booked in for a service but missed the appointment.

    You will need to reschedule your missed service based on the new availability of our service technicians. A friendly reminder that new bikes should be serviced within 4-6 weeks of the purchase date to take advantage of your FREE 'New-Bike-Service'.

  • Can I book a shuttle without hiring a bike?

    Yes! You can book a shuttle with your own bike or no bike. Choose your desired Shuttle (South or North) then choose your date and the time you wish to be picked up. Shuttle Price is PER PERSON and varies by distance from $15-$45. Please arrive 15 minutes early to load bike as Shuttle will leave on time.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    We allow you to either use the' 48-hour gift card cancellation option' or reschedule your booking one time ONLY. After rescheduling a booking, you are no longer eligible to use the 48-hour gift card cancellation option.

    • 48 hours before bike pick up:  If you wish, the booking value will be converted into a store gift card (valid two months from date of the gift card), the booking value will be converted into a store gift card (valid two months from the date of the gift card), your first and only cancellation. If you reschedule instead, you are no longer eligible to use the gift card.
    • 24 hrs before bike pick up:  There will be no refund. You may be eligible to reschedule (ONE-TIME-ONLY) if rescheduled 24hrs before your hire is to commence. Customers who are eligible to reschedule can do so online but must be done 24hrs. Price differences may occur when rescheduling.
    • On the day-cancellation: There is no refund and/or rescheduling of booking or store credit. EFT/Admin fees or cancellation fees may apply.
      • Heavy/consistent & pouring rain on day-hire: You can reschedule at no extra cost. You may be eligible for a full refund if you cannot reschedule, e.g., if you don't live within 200km. A reschedule for the 'heavy/consistent & pouring rain on day-hire' will not be considered a 'one-time reschedule'. If it rains again on the day you rescheduled, you can reschedule at no cost. We aim to help you go for a ride and have fun when it is not raining and pleasant weather, so you and your family and friends can enjoy yourselves. Late return charges are a minimum charge, which is a half-day bike rental price. Please be aware of the time difference due to daylight savings.